Going strong.

Will I ever make and stick to a routine of writing more than once every couple weeks?? Who knows?? But regardless, I’m here now.

I’m just over three weeks into my ketogenic diet and I have been feeling great! No cravings, no over-eating, and I’ve lost ten pounds! I went to the gym the other day for the first time in several months and was able to do a mile on the elliptical in just over seven minutes!

I often will get into a good routine where I eat well, exercise regularly, and out of nowhere I just stop. I’ll make excuses for a day or a week and I let myself fly off the handle, and I am hoping this time is different. It feels different. I mean, it’s currently cold and snowy (and it’s not even technically winter) and normally this is when I’d be very unmotivated. I feel like if I can finally defeat the winter blues, maybe I’ll stay on track!

If anyone is wondering, I did have one cheat day where I went a little over 50 carbs (it was 60 haha), but I didn’t feel guilty and I wasn’t hard on myself like I used to be. My relationship with food is significantly better, and my relationship with myself is also better!

I will admit I get a little scared with counting calories/carbs so closely as I don’t want to become obsessed and form an unhealthy eating disorder. I do feel that my personality is addictive, but I also feel that if I am making healthy choices and still eating enough during the day, then I should be okay. My friend told me the other day “just know when to stop.” And that got me thinking, what if I don’t want to? I feel like I could live a low carb life forever! However, she is right in the aspect of losing weight. I don’t want to get to an unhealthy weight, and I don’t want to become obsessed with watching the scale go down, because I’ll admit it’s pretty nice! But, being healthy is most important.

I want to be more healthy for me, and also for my future children. I grew up on frozen pizza and kraft mac and cheese, which I loved growing up and luckily I had a fast metabolism (I was only 125lbs in high school and ate garbage ALL THE TIME), but that is no way to live and I want to be able to cook healthy meals and make healthy snacks for my kids. Once I was out on my own, not knowing how to cook and having no limits on what I could eat, I started gaining a lot of weight.

Last year around New Years I was at my heaviest, and I just remember being so discouraged taking pictures with my friends because I felt so fat and my face was so round. That’s when I originally started keto, and I did pretty well for a few months, but I allowed myself cheat weekends, and instead of limiting myself to a certain amount of carbs, I’d find myself binge eating whatever I could because it was my cheat day and I wanted to. Now that I have a limit that I give myself, I feel like this is going to work much better this time around, and hopefully for New Years I am feeling fabulous!

Well that was a much needed post, it’s nice to recognize your own accomplishments once in a while. ♡

You and I, we’re the jam.

Today there is a winter storm warning, and where I live we are expecting anywhere between 8-14 inches of snow. Normally, this would make me really upset and stressed out, but my boyfriend and I planned ahead to be able to stay home all day today together. We went to Walgreen’s last night after having dinner with some friends, and we made sure to get hard liquor and diet soda (still going strong on keto!) because we planned to day drink today and watch a movie or two.

It is hard for me to sit still all day, and what I like about the relationship my boyfriend and I share is we do a lot of things separately; so if he wants to sit around all day, he can, and he doesn’t expect me to do the same with him. Currently I am writing this post and he is playing video games (Call of Duty), and after I’m finished I will put away my laundry and probably do a little yoga, or if he is done we can watch a movie/show. We have been together for seven years, and although we get along great and he is my absolute best friend, we don’t exactly have a lot of mutual interests.

Some people might find it hard to be in a relationship with someone like that, but I have always been independent, and he has too, which is why I think it works so well for us. I have gone to Seattle and Colorado without him, and he has no problem with that. He has gone out of state with friends before without me, and the world didn’t fall apart. A lot of couples in our generation (millennials) seem to have a lot of trust issues and I think that stems a lot from social media, along with shitty past relationships, but our relationship would be considered more “old fashioned.”

I am 23, and my boyfriend is 24. We started dating when we were juniors in high school. We have three cats together, and we bought our first home about a year and a half ago. I feel lucky every day that I have such an intelligent, caring man in my life. He listens to my problems, and tries to help me in any way he can. He is always telling me that I am “gorgeous” and when I call he answers the phone with either “Hey, beautiful” or “Hello, my love.” Those seemingly “small” things are what make me feel so very special every day. We have grown from being teenagers to young adults, and we did this together. We push each other to be better every day, and encourage and support one another in any way we can.

Like any couple, we do argue. Thankfully, it really is not often; and when we do we can talk through it, once we have our space to cool down. I can honestly say that communication is one of the most important things in any relationship. It is essential that you and that person, whether it be a significant other or even a friend, need to be able to tell each other what you are feeling. You need to express when you are hurt, or upset. You need to tell each other what is bothering you, so that you can work on a solution together. Literally just talking to each other every day, whether it be venting about work or discussing a new idea/goal or just decided what to cook for dinner, communication is key to a healthy, growing relationship.

well, all this talk about relationships makes me want to hop off of this blog and get everything done so I can cuddle with my baby. I am glad I took the time to write today, it seems to help fight the winter blues. ♡

A lifestyle.

I always say I’m going to write more, and then I don’t. But hey, I’m doing it now and that matters. For the past 10 days I have been strict on my new low carb diet (and yes, that includes on thanksgiving day). I am doing the ketogenic diet, but as of right now I haven’t been getting enough fat in my diet, so it’s basically just low carb.

People always freak out when they hear “low carb” because who doesn’t love bread? Or pasta? Or sweets? Trust me, I love me some carbs. Mac and cheese is basically my favorite food, next to fettuccine alfredo and olive garden breadsticks (yummmm). But the thing is, when I eat a lot of carbs I feel like shit. Granted, I’m not exactly eating the “good carbs,” but regardless I have felt much better after cutting my carb intake.

The thing I like about being on this diet is that the cravings for carbs literally just go away. Not only that, but I feel full after what seems like a small portion but it’s a normal one! I also do intermittent fasting, and I do 16:8. So everyday I fast for 16 hours, and I eat within the same eight hours of the day. This honestly works perfectly with my current work schedule, and not only that but I finally feel like I have a routine!

During this diet you are trying to get into and stay in “ketosis,” and keeping your carb intake under 50g of net carbs a day (carb-fiber=net carb) is how you can do this. Ideally though, you should keep your net carb intake under 20g a day. I decided that I will let myself go up to 50g of carbs on the weekends, but during the week I stay strict at 20g. I have done this diet before, but I would always let myself have cheat weekends and I’d basically binge eat a bunch of garbage and feel like shit and it would reverse my progress. Not this time!

Even though I’ve only been on the diet for 10 days, I’ve lost 7lbs! I think I was able to get into ketosis after just a few days! I am starting to add yoga/stretching into my routine and I think I’m going to start walking and/or going to the gym next week. I want to get toned and feel good again! Not only that, but I want to get healthier and develop better habits. ♡

I’ve been working on myself and that’s the most important work (even if you don’t get paid for it).

I haven’t written in a while, and this is going to be brief. I have been in a good, positive state of mind lately. I’ve been reading a self-improvement book (Better Than Before by: Gretchen Rubin- highly recommend to anyone and everyone). I have been trying to stretch/do yoga every day, even if it is only for five minutes. I have been helping people when I can, which makes me feel good. I’m just hoping I can keep this up.

Winter is basically here now, considering there is snow all over the ground. Which means it’s time for seasonal depression (whoop whooop)! It’s so hard to fight the darkness sometimes… I feel like every couple of weeks I slowly sink back into my hole. I’m not motivated, I feel tired constantly, and I never want to do anything. Of course, I still go to work, but that’s because I have bills that have to be paid, and my anxiety would never allow me to take a day off for my depression.

For now I will try my best to focus on the good, and be more active with my blog and other blogs as well. I always feel good after I write, even if it isn’t a lot. I need to remember the small things that bring me joy, and try to incorporate it into a daily routine. Maybe I’ll start to work on that too. ♡

You can hear it in the silence.

I haven’t written in a while. I haven’t done anything in a while. I mean I have gone to a couple of pumpkin patches, and I did survive a haunted house… but other than that I haven’t been motivated.

A few weeks ago I was reading a couple of self-improvement books, I was writing in journals, and I even tried an aerial yoga class. I was feeling motivated and good, but then I kept getting stuck in my head. My best friend and I weren’t talking and it was really bothering me, and making me evaluate myself as a person. I starting thinking that maybe I am not the greatest friend. I don’t go out a lot, because lately I have been liking being home. I don’t feel motivated to be helpful, but then I sit around at home feeling guilty. I just kept thinking these terrible thoughts about myself, and then I was attracting negative energy.

I ended up not going to see Mayday Parade because I was bailed on, and all of my alternative options fell through. I also had misplaced my favorite ring that my boyfriend bought for me last year (which has since been found), but I was feeling super overwhelmed. I was becoming so upset and I decided I’d open my fortune cookie that I got from Panda Express earlier that day, because I love fortune cookies. I took the plastic wrapper off and cracked open the cookie, only to find nothing inside… so naturally I burst into tears. “When it rains, it pours,” is the truest shit I’ve ever heard in my life.

But luckily for me, even thought I didn’t go to Mayday Parade, I was able to hang out with a good friend of mine and go through a haunted house (although it was absolutely terrifying). Not only that, but my best friend ended up reaching out to me and we had an open line of communication and we were able to work everything out. I plan to start reading again, and journal-ling, and I would like to start practicing yoga and/or meditation more often, but I wanted to start here. ♡

A facebook post.

“You’re being selfish.”

That one hurts the most.

It hurts because we already feel guilty for “being selfish.” We feel guilty when we can’t help. We feel guilty when we cancel/bail on plans. We feel guilty when we don’t respond to messages. To be told that we don’t care enough about others, or that we only care about ourselves is hurtful; especially when we do care. Sometimes we care so much about others that can be physically/emotionally exhausting. Sometimes, we start to actually feel other people’s emotions, to the point where we hold them and cannot separate them from our own. Sometimes we NEED to take a step away in order for us to heal ourselves. And trust me, we overthink saying “no” or canceling anything because we are so focused on how others are feeling and making sure everyone else is okay. And when we finally say “no” after weeks/months/years of constantly doing everything to please others, just know it took a lot to do that. For some of us, it may feel like an accomplishment to say “no.” So to accomplish something and then to be told that you’re being selfish, just brings back those feelings of guilt and self-hatred. & I know I am not speaking for everyone, as we all have our own minds & not everyone feels this way/experiences this… but I share this in hopes that there are others like me who can relate. ♡

“I just need a way out of my head.”

When I first heard “Come back to earth” off of Mac Miller’s album Swimming, I knew that I wasn’t alone. So when he passed away, it felt like I lost one of the only people who knew what I was going through. Mac’s passing has been super difficult for me, and I never talk about it because I feel like people just think I’m bring dramatic or I’m lying. I know that is a dumb reason, because I shouldn’t care what people think, but I think the issue for me is that I know they don’t relate or understand. Don’t get me wrong, I know a lot of people were hurt by his passing, including fans like me; but I just feel that not many people I know are hurting like I am. I cried when he died. I actually cried several times, over several days, and even two nights ago I just broke down in tears. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the fact that I just keep seeing it all over social media, but at the same time, it is more than that. I grew up listening to Mac Miller, and he only continued to get better and better throughout his career. Swimming has changed my life, and I will forever be grateful that he was able to release this album before his death.

I think the hardest part for me is realizing that even though he was making music and pursuing his dreams, he still carried pain around with him. I believe that he was doing drugs to numb the pain, because expressing it through music wasn’t enough to actually relieve his misery. That terrifies me. It terrifies me because I know my life isn’t bad, and I have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to love; but I never truly feel happy, and I don’t know if I ever will. Lately I have been isolating myself, as well as arguing with myself in my head, and I feel like I can’t stop. I have been trying to practice self care by doing little things such as painting my nails, doing stretches/yoga, and eating better. I even signed up for an aerial yoga class, but I feel like even though I am physically doing things, my mental state doesn’t reflect the same progress. I am the person who knows me the most, and I don’t even know how to make myself happy. The more I think about it, the more I feel like I could end up like Malcolm (Mac). Luckily, I rarely drink alcohol and I don’t do drugs, however I feel like I could easily become an addict if I ever took something. But I mean that’s easy, I just won’t try anything, it just scares me to know that if I did, I would likely spiral out of control. My parents are both alcoholics, and I’d definitely say I have an addictive personality, so it just scares me to know that a dumb decision could really change me/my life.

As I have stated before, my house is always clean. Even as a child, my room was always organized, and there was never anything on the floor that didn’t belong there. When I was in school my locker was always organized, and in elementary school my desk stayed neat. In general, I am a very clean person, but the other day my boyfriend made a comment about how he doesn’t understand how I am so messy (referring to me eating Doritos with nacho cheese). He has made many comments over the years about how I am such a messy eater, and he is absolutely right! But for some reason, that night I couldn’t help but think about how that was a metaphor of my life. I always make sure everything is neat and perfect around me, but I don’t care enough to do the same for myself. I rarely wear any makeup or “dress-up”, other than my business casual work attire. I rarely buy things for myself, other than iced coffee, because whenever I do I just feel guilty or feel like I didn’t deserve it. At this point in my life I need to stop people-pleasing, and start focusing on what I want and need, I just don’t know how to get out of my head.

“In my own way, this feel like living. Some alternate reality. And I was drowning, but now I’m swimming through stressful waters, to relief.” ♡