I haven’t talked to my therapist in quite a while- I am finally doing a teletherapy session with her this upcoming Friday. I haven’t been writing things down and I have to start, but there was something I wrote down earlier today and I was wanted to think about it a little more on my own.

A few years ago I saw a therapist that was really nice but I didn’t feel like she was helping me- but now I’m wondering if she was just trying to figure me out. She kept making me take these ADHD quiz/test things and she kept thinking I had it but also knew I didn’t because I didn’t have the “attention deficit” part, just the hyperactive part.

Now my current therapist had mentioned the hypomania but we haven’t really dove into that yet; however I feel that I am ready to dive in myself. Like I had mentioned before, one of my childhood friends has recently mention on a FaceTime call that I have always been hyper and “crazy” (I’m not offended, she gets me). Mind you, we weren’t even talking about mental health at all, we were just reminiscing about easier times.

If I have hypomania, I am unsure exactly what medication I will need to be on, if any! I feel like I’m going to have to do a lot of cognitive work and make sure to pay attention to my triggers. I know I’ve always been hyper, and I also know I could do better at managing my anger. I feel like this weeks therapy session will be productive, at least I hope it is!

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