Releasing, Resetting

Since I only have control over myself, I am taking this time to set my intentions for this month. When I think of November, I often think of Thanksgiving and I want that to be the “theme” of my month: gratitude. I find it so magical how counting my blessings in the morning can make my day feel so much lighter. I also find that the more I practice finding the silver-lining in negative situations, the easier it is to do when new ones arise. As I move through this month, I will remind myself to be grateful and resilient through any hard times. I will speak up when I need to, as harboring negative feelings only stunts my own growth. I will be intentional with my time, and make sure I am practicing self-care. I plan to read more, continue to write on here and in the writing community (and poetry on my anonymous Instagram that I still haven’t told any friends about), and I plan to get back into a workout routine this month! November is going to be good to me, and so am I. Wishing you all a magical November.

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