It’s about to be 6am, and I’m about 95% sure I will fall back asleep after I write this. I’m enjoying this moment as I lay here listening to rain ASMR on youtube while my boyfriend sleeps peacefully next to me. I just put the heating pad under my neck and shoulder as I woke up having my pain again, likely due to stress and lack of movement.

I’ve been so tired the last couple of weeks. I find myself taking naps, such as the three hour one I took yesterday. I also have just been taking it easy as I have had some random nausea and dizziness happening as well. This seems to happen every so often, and to be honest I’m pretty sure all of this happened to me the same time last year as well.

I am going to see an ENT at the end of this week as I want an overall consult. My main issue to discuss would be tonsil stones as I absolutely hate them and honestly would prefer to just have my tonsils removed. I am going to bring up the recent dizziness as well as the fact that I have had motion sickness my entire life. I want to bring up the vertigo I’ve been getting lately as I am wondering if it has to do with my inner ears.

Lately I get so discouraged about going to doctors because they just want to treat symptoms and they don’t ever want to figure out the root issue. It blows my mind that I can be someone who gets these random symptoms where basically my body acts like it’s pregnant, yet no one can tell me why or what I can do to prevent it; instead they shove nausea pills at me and tell me to rest. That’s why I haven’t even gone for these current dizzy/nausea spells… I already know how it goes.

For now I have just been resting on my own and staying hydrated. I do my best to listen to my body, and right now my body wants me to close my eyes again, so back to sleep I go.

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