Sick and anxious

Both Monday and Tuesday my boss sent me home from work, because I’m very clearly under the weather. Last night once I came home I really started feeling my body aches and the fatigue really set in. I finally decided to go to the doctor today, since my boss told me I should sleep in and take the day. I didn’t sleep too well after the first six hours because I kept waking up sweating.

I let the MA and Dr. know all of my symptoms (sore throat, cough, congestion, body aches, sweating, and fatigue). I don’t have a fever, but technically my body temperature is higher than usual. Normally when I take my temperature at home on my digital thermometer I average at 96.8. Idk if I just naturally have a lower temp or if my thermometer is broken, but this morning my temperature was at 99.0. They tested me for strep as my throat is super red/swollen/painful but the rapid test was negative. Instead of testing me for the flu or anything they decided to treat me for a sinus infection; so let’s hope that’s the case and I’m not spreading something to everyone around me.

I hate being sick because I feel so weak and useless, but I think what’s worse is I’m sitting here worrying about stuff that needs to get done at work and around the house. I also know that I need to rest in order to feel better, it’s just a constant battle because I feel like I’m being lazy and wasting time. I’m just hoping I feel a lot better by tomorrow, especially since I’m supposed to go to the dells this weekend.

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