I’m typing this from a comfy king bed in a Miami hotel, relaxing after our cruise. My boyfriend and I decided we will be starting a couple’s vlog and we recorded some parts of our vacation so we will be putting that together once we’re back home and we will get on a schedule for that as well.

This vacation was much needed; spending one on one time with each other without the stress of work is truly a blessing. He is laying next to me catching up on youtube videos and podcasts that he’s missed while we were without internet. I posted a bunch of photos on social media for family and friends to see how vacation was.

As much as it will suck to go back to work, I am kind of looking forward to it! My coworkers sent me messages and commented on posts letting me know how much they miss me and it’s honestly great to be appreciated at work, especially when I know I put a lot of effort into my work.

My boyfriend wants to start working out/dieting once we’re home, and I also would like to join him on that journey. We are young and relatively healthy, but we want to make sure we live long lives together and are able to have fun with our future children. I want to be active and build strength, and I am the only person who can make that happen.

We are the only people standing in our way. We can truly do anything we put our minds and effort towards. I feel like once you come to that realization the only thing to do is better yourself. I’m sure my motivation will dwindle as I get back to the cold weather, but if I get into a routine and remind myself of the end goal then hopefully that will be enough to keep my from sinking into that winter depression.

I don’t expect to be perfect at this; in fact I expect to have some difficulty. There’s no point in assuming everything will be easy, as we are all imperfect beings and we all struggle, but if we keep trying then we can do anything. I don’t want to waste my years being miserable and sad. I don’t want to waste my years being angry or resentful. I want to live my life, and love my life. ♡

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