Feels like a sunday.

My boyfriend and I threw a halloween party last night and had a nice group of friends show up. I didn’t get much sleep and I really need it right now, because I’m sick, but I’m sure I will sleep like a rock tonight. I’m just not looking forward to work tomorrow, but I am trying to be in a better mindset about that.

I know tomorrow won’t be bad, and with me feeling better than I did last week I should be able to get more done. This week I will finally be able to catch up on what was missed when I was on vacation, and I am looking forward to having a productive week.

This morning a good friend and I went to breakfast at a cute little family diner, and the food was delicious! I’d never been to this place before even though it’s right in my town, but we wanted breakfast and the place had good reviews so we decided to try it out; luckily she and I were both very pleased!

I love going new places and I found that I often am trying new things and seeing new places when I’m with her, and I think that plays a lot into our friendship. I have this sense of freedom and adventure within me that I love to unleash sometimes, and she is the same way! A couple years ago, her and I went on a spontaneous trip to Denver for her birthday, and that was definitely one of my favorite trips I’ve ever taken.

I’m very lucky to have such good people in my life. When we were at breakfast this morning we were talking about friendships and having toxic people in our lives, and how different things can be once you realize someone is toxic and you just stop dealing with their shit. There’s no reason to have negativity in our lives. Life is already hard and depressing, why should we focus on those parts and live our lives upset? I’d much rather be around those who encourage me and support me, and be around those who want to progress in life.

As much as this blog has been about me learning to love and understand myself, I’ve come to realize that surrounding yourself with the right people and environments can be very rewarding and helpful when it comes to happiness. It is important to realize who is toxic in your life and either address that situation head on and fix it, or cut that negativity out of your life.

I am very blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. I’m not going to pretend that there aren’t a few toxic ones, but I’ve definitely limited contact with those people for the most part and am also learning how I can distance myself emotionally from them. ♡

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