Dark and early.

Doing an early post today, as I always seem to wake up extra early on days when I can sleep in. It’s 6:30am. and I’ve been up and laying here for about 25 minutes now just scrolling through social media. I honestly will probably go back to sleep after this post if I can.

Today my boyfriend and I are going to get pedicures and see the new Joker movie. We leave for vacation on Friday and this weekend pwe are getting ready to go! Yesterday we were shopping for him, and today I’ll have to find a new pink dress that matches his shirt.

When we go on cruises there’s always one “fancy night” where everyone gets dressed up and you can have professional pictures taken with tons of different back drops and props, and then you choose if you want to buy any or not. This year the color we chose is pink. The dress I have now is cute, but it’s reminds me more of a dress you wear to a club than a nice one so today I need to find a new one.

I’m so excited for this vacation with my boyfriend. I know I’ve been posting on Sunday’s for the last few weeks, but I won’t have internet/service on the boat as I prefer to not pay for that and just enjoy my time. When I come back I’ll get right back to it!

I don’t want to fall too hard into the post-vacation blues, so I have been making plans to have for when we get back! On the Saturday after we get back we’re having a Halloween party/ birthday party for my boyfriend. A couple weeks after that I’m going to see my tattoo artist to keep working on my sleeve. Towards the end of November I’ll probably start decorating for the holidays because Christmas lights make me happy. Depending on how broke I am after this cruise I’m hoping I might be able to escape to a beach somewhere for a weekend early in December or maybe in January, but we will see!

Alright well I’m going to go back to sleep now… hopefully. Let’s hope I’m able to find a dress and shoes later! ♡

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