Looking forward

I have a lot of plans coming up, which is making me feel really happy and motivated. This upcoming weekend I’m going to a festival in my home-town with my childhood best friend and then we’re gonna go shopping the next day. That night my boyfriend and I are going to do our podcast with our friend which is always a good time.

The following weekend my best friend is coming in town for her birthday weekend and I’m so excited to see her and celebrate her 25th!! I also have another friend visiting from out of town so it should be great to catch up! I also have plans to go to an Expo in Chicago with a good friend that weekend!

Next month my boyfriend and I will celebrate eight years together, and we are going on another cruise! This is our third cruise together and I always feel like our relationship gets stronger whenever we have a long vacation together. Being away from people and the stress of every day life is very refreshing, and it almost feels like our relationship gets a nice detox.

After the cruise we’re gonna have a Halloween party, which honestly is always my favorite time of the year. I don’t care how old I am, I just love everything about fall/October/Halloween and I have no shame. We will also be celebrating my boyfriend’s 25th birthday! After that I’m gonna keep working on my sleeve and hopefully my boyfriend and I will be getting some new stuff for our house.

I know work and life may get stressful in between all of these exciting events, but just knowing that I have so many things to look forward to will make it easier to get though the hard days. ♡

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