This was a really fun weekend! Friday night I went out with my friend and her boyfriend, and we got super drunk and played some pool. We ended up at Denny’s at 2am so you know it was a good night lol. I stayed over at her house that night and we went shopping with my mom the next day.

I splurged a bit on myself at the mall, and I don’t regret it one bit! I love my new shoes and clothes! I also got my boyfriend some fancy bbq sauce from Pepper Palace and a couple birthday gifts for my friend who is coming in town this week.

Life has been pretty great lately! I’m so thankful that I got through the summer months at work without having a complete break down. Literally I have only been at my job for a little under four months, and four people have quit. I just have been thinking long term, and how this time next year we won’t be in this mess and the office will be running accordingly. I’m also very happy to have a boss that appreciates me and who I genuinely like as a person.

Today I was up pretty early and I cleaned up around the house and did some laundry. After I showered I decided to go out and get a couple more things for my friend for her birthday, as well as get some candles for the house. I ended up getting some cute/funny socks for myself and my boyfriend as well that say “send noods” and have little bowls of noodles on them LOL. Overall, I’ve enjoyed the past few days, and I still have so many plans to look forward too! ♡

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