Well, I forgot to write yesterday… but I remembered today so there’s a plus! It’s Labor day so it kind of feels like the last day of summer in a way. It’s the last day for the pool to be open for the season, so I’m gonna go swim today with a couple friends and just enjoy the end of the long weekend.

Not gonna lie, I’m not looking forward to going to work tomorrow, but it is only a four-day week which makes it tolerable. Work has been extremely stressful, with another person quitting with no notice. I honestly have no idea how I’ve been doing so well with all of this. Again, I’m sure the medication has something to do with it, but I’m proud of myself for not having a complete mental breakdown.

I keep thinking back to when I visited my best friend a few months ago and we went to New Orleans and had Tarot Card readings. During my reading I was told that July and August would be very difficult months, and holy fuck was that accurate. Now that it’s September I’m hoping things will start to calm down and fall into place.

I’m keeping this one short today, as I just want to lay back and relax in my hammock with my heating pad on my back, because apparently I’m the oldest 24-year-old you’ll ever know. Literally though I’ve had insane back pain for the past week too which has been lovely. Hopefully this pain will be gone by the next time I’m writing. ♡

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