Last weekend I went out and bought a hammock, and for me this was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I got one with a stand and just have it inside of my house (LOL), and I’m pretty much always in it. I can bring it outside too, but lately I’ve been just enjoying being inside with my cats and my boyfriend.

When I went on vacation with my mom’s side of the family a couple months ago, we stayed in this huge cabin that had a beautiful wrap-around porch with a hammock in each corner. I spent a lot of that weekend in a hammock, and I had honestly never felt so relaxed. I thought to myself: “if I had a hammock, my life would be significantly better.” So last weekend, I finally decided to take action when I saw that the farm and fleet was selling the hammock and stand for $55.

I’m not the type of person that believes you need materialistic things to make you happy, however I truly feel like this hammock has brought me a new source of happiness. I feel so content just laying here and typing this. All I plan to do in this hammock is read, write, and relax; so basically I just spent $55 to encourage myself to participate in more self-care, so I’d say that’s a great purchase. ♡

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