As I lay here in bed with my weighted blanket, I am completely exhausted. This weekend was busy and filled with fun memories and great people. Back to work tomorrow, but that’s okay because I’ll have help again now that my friend/coworker is back from her vacation.

I’ve been so content with life lately, even though this is the most stressed at work I’ve ever been. I’ve just gotten better at separating work and my actual life, and reminding myself to focus on the important aspects of my life, such as time with the people who love and support me, as well as going to new places and experiencing new things.

It really is amazing how the mind works. If you feed yourself negative thoughts and self-doubt, your motivation decreases and you start to believe that you can’t do anything. When you feed yourself positive thoughts and you start to admire yourself, you see everything in a new light. I have to keep taking care of myself and my mind, and I plan to do this. ♡

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