Everything Happens for a Reason

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason; so much so, that I have it in permanent ink on my arm. These past few days have been really rough and have been full of tough decisions. Yesterday, I ended up turning down my job offer for AOM (assistant office manager).

I don’t want to go too much into detail about all of it, but basically I’ve been waiting to be moved into this position since August of last year. Up until recently I was actually excited to move into that position, but I am so happy that I decided to turn it down.

I turned it down for many reasons: not enough money, having to drive to offices that were 45min-1hr away from me, shitty hours, etc. The best part was they only offered me $1 more. I even countered the offer and they told me it was “non-negotiable.” I decided to take the a couple of days to think about it, even though I already knew I was almost certain I was turning it down.

On Monday I replied to the email that they sent me with the offer letter and I politely declined the position. They took it well and still will consider me in the future for the AOM/OM positions. I will stay in my current position, but now I will have better hours (switching from 11-7 to 9-5), we are getting another person on our team which will help with the work load, and I get to stay close to home.

I feel relieved. I was anxious all weekend thinking about turning down the position. I kept talking to different friends/family about it and listening to the different feedback was good and bad. I overthink so having too much feedback isn’t great because then I circle around in my brain and it makes it hard to stick with one decision. At one point I was thinking I was going to get fired if I turned down the position! But I’m glad I stuck with my gut and turned it down.

I was going to sign that paper if they had offered me $2, and now I’m so happy that I was only offered the $1. At this point in time, if they would have offered me what I countered, I would still decline. I feel that I would have been so unhappy traveling from place to place and never being certain of where I’d be working or how far from home I’d be. I am the type of person who likes and needs a set routine. I like to be able to have a decent idea of how my day is going to go, and I decided that my sanity was worth more than the money. ♡

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