Going strong.

Will I ever make and stick to a routine of writing more than once every couple weeks?? Who knows?? But regardless, I’m here now.

I’m just over three weeks into my ketogenic diet and I have been feeling great! No cravings, no over-eating, and I’ve lost ten pounds! I went to the gym the other day for the first time in several months and was able to do a mile on the elliptical in just over seven minutes!

I often will get into a good routine where I eat well, exercise regularly, and out of nowhere I just stop. I’ll make excuses for a day or a week and I let myself fly off the handle, and I am hoping this time is different. It feels different. I mean, it’s currently cold and snowy (and it’s not even technically winter) and normally this is when I’d be very unmotivated. I feel like if I can finally defeat the winter blues, maybe I’ll stay on track!

If anyone is wondering, I did have one cheat day where I went a little over 50 carbs (it was 60 haha), but I didn’t feel guilty and I wasn’t hard on myself like I used to be. My relationship with food is significantly better, and my relationship with myself is also better!

I will admit I get a little scared with counting calories/carbs so closely as I don’t want to become obsessed and form an unhealthy eating disorder. I do feel that my personality is addictive, but I also feel that if I am making healthy choices and still eating enough during the day, then I should be okay. My friend told me the other day “just know when to stop.” And that got me thinking, what if I don’t want to? I feel like I could live a low carb life forever! However, she is right in the aspect of losing weight. I don’t want to get to an unhealthy weight, and I don’t want to become obsessed with watching the scale go down, because I’ll admit it’s pretty nice! But, being healthy is most important.

I want to be more healthy for me, and also for my future children. I grew up on frozen pizza and kraft mac and cheese, which I loved growing up and luckily I had a fast metabolism (I was only 125lbs in high school and ate garbage ALL THE TIME), but that is no way to live and I want to be able to cook healthy meals and make healthy snacks for my kids. Once I was out on my own, not knowing how to cook and having no limits on what I could eat, I started gaining a lot of weight.

Last year around New Years I was at my heaviest, and I just remember being so discouraged taking pictures with my friends because I felt so fat and my face was so round. That’s when I originally started keto, and I did pretty well for a few months, but I allowed myself cheat weekends, and instead of limiting myself to a certain amount of carbs, I’d find myself binge eating whatever I could because it was my cheat day and I wanted to. Now that I have a limit that I give myself, I feel like this is going to work much better this time around, and hopefully for New Years I am feeling fabulous!

Well that was a much needed post, it’s nice to recognize your own accomplishments once in a while. ♡

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