Obligatory end of the year post.

As 2018 comes to an end, I can honestly say this year was not anything extraordinary. I did get a new car, and I was also offered a new position at work (however I am not in that position as of yet, which is a whole different topic), but I can’t say I was very thrilled about this year. It could be because 2017 seemed a lot more productive, seeing as we bought a house, but regardless I know that this is not how I want to feel at the end of next year. I will say I have been good about changing to a low-carb lifestyle, minus the recent holiday slip-ups, but I am aiming to focus on my overall health next year.

I have learned a lot about myself recently after reading about the “Obliger tendency” in the book written by Gretchen Rubin titled “The Four Tendencies.” As an obliger, I have no problem meeting outer expectations, but when it comes to my inner expectations, I often struggle. I am always saying how I can never stick to any hobbies, but that is because I do not find my “wants” to be priorities. If it is something for me, I figure it can wait. I hope to learn to use this to my advantage, and learn how to live with this tendency in a way that is beneficial to me.

I will say that in 2019 I would like to read more, travel more, and experience more. I want to focus only on the positive aspects of life, and stop dwelling/worrying about what cannot be controlled. I plan to become a stronger version of myself this year. ♡

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