A lifestyle.

I always say I’m going to write more, and then I don’t. But hey, I’m doing it now and that matters. For the past 10 days I have been strict on my new low carb diet (and yes, that includes on thanksgiving day). I am doing the ketogenic diet, but as of right now I haven’t been getting enough fat in my diet, so it’s basically just low carb.

People always freak out when they hear “low carb” because who doesn’t love bread? Or pasta? Or sweets? Trust me, I love me some carbs. Mac and cheese is basically my favorite food, next to fettuccine alfredo and olive garden breadsticks (yummmm). But the thing is, when I eat a lot of carbs I feel like shit. Granted, I’m not exactly eating the “good carbs,” but regardless I have felt much better after cutting my carb intake.

The thing I like about being on this diet is that the cravings for carbs literally just go away. Not only that, but I feel full after what seems like a small portion but it’s a normal one! I also do intermittent fasting, and I do 16:8. So everyday I fast for 16 hours, and I eat within the same eight hours of the day. This honestly works perfectly with my current work schedule, and not only that but I finally feel like I have a routine!

During this diet you are trying to get into and stay in “ketosis,” and keeping your carb intake under 50g of net carbs a day (carb-fiber=net carb) is how you can do this. Ideally though, you should keep your net carb intake under 20g a day. I decided that I will let myself go up to 50g of carbs on the weekends, but during the week I stay strict at 20g. I have done this diet before, but I would always let myself have cheat weekends and I’d basically binge eat a bunch of garbage and feel like shit and it would reverse my progress. Not this time!

Even though I’ve only been on the diet for 10 days, I’ve lost 7lbs! I think I was able to get into ketosis after just a few days! I am starting to add yoga/stretching into my routine and I think I’m going to start walking and/or going to the gym next week. I want to get toned and feel good again! Not only that, but I want to get healthier and develop better habits. ♡

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