I’ve been working on myself and that’s the most important work (even if you don’t get paid for it).

I haven’t written in a while, and this is going to be brief. I have been in a good, positive state of mind lately. I’ve been reading a self-improvement book (Better Than Before by: Gretchen Rubin- highly recommend to anyone and everyone). I have been trying to stretch/do yoga every day, even if it is only for five minutes. I have been helping people when I can, which makes me feel good. I’m just hoping I can keep this up.

Winter is basically here now, considering there is snow all over the ground. Which means it’s time for seasonal depression (whoop whooop)! It’s so hard to fight the darkness sometimes… I feel like every couple of weeks I slowly sink back into my hole. I’m not motivated, I feel tired constantly, and I never want to do anything. Of course, I still go to work, but that’s because I have bills that have to be paid, and my anxiety would never allow me to take a day off for my depression.

For now I will try my best to focus on the good, and be more active with my blog and other blogs as well. I always feel good after I write, even if it isn’t a lot. I need to remember the small things that bring me joy, and try to incorporate it into a daily routine. Maybe I’ll start to work on that too. ♡

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