Ignorance is bliss.

I have been sitting here trying to write what I am feeling, but I have way too much going through my mind to put this in any sort of order. I am angry with the ignorant people in the world who believe every post they read, or believe any well-known person who spews shit out of their mouth. I am angry with the fact that it seems no one ever thinks for themselves and they just pick a side and argue things strictly based on emotion. I am angry because I have been that person though. I am angry because I am a sensitive person who is easily affected by the emotions and emotional aspects of everything and everyone around me, and there are times where I let that completely take me over.

I get so worked up when I think about all of the negativity in the world, but I am also a person who likes to be educated. I want to know what is going on, but I also overthink everything and I hold on to everything as if it is my own problem. I get so frustrated when I see terrible things happening, but I know there are so many people who literally do not give a fuck about any of it, and this infuriates me. But at the same time, why would anyone want to focus on the negative aspects? Why should we live our lives in a constant state of anger or depression? This is exactly why they say “ignorance is bliss.” When you don’t know what is going on, how could you be upset? BUT THIS IS A PROBLEM. People NEED to educate themselves on what is happening in the world.

This whole post has me arguing in my own mind. Part of me wants to not care at all. I don’t want to care about what is happening, and I want to ignore the fact that the world is shitty, because life goes on anyway. But the other part of me refuses to be blind to reality, while others just believe whatever they want (whether it is actually true or not).

I don’t even want to go on anymore. This was a terrible blog post but it was needed.


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