I find myself getting easily irritated with people. Honestly I feel like it’s mainly people on the road when I’m driving, but I know it’s also because the state of the world is so confusing and nothing makes sense.

I can get out of the crabby feeling for a while, but if I go out in public or am around too many people, I find myself getting aggravated. I know my anxiety presents itself as anger often, and I’m sure it’s because I got used to a world with less people out and about and now everyone’s out driving around (but it’s like they forgot how to do so)…

I find myself worrying more and more about the future, which is also making me angry. I worry about bringing children into this world, and I worry about what is to come, even though I have no control over any of it- which also upsets me.

I feel better when I disconnect from social media, and I am happy to say that I just bought a couple of books yesterday and already read over 80 pages of the first one! I want to get back into reading and learning, but also I want to train myself not to get so worked up about things that I can’t control.

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