Self Care Sunday

Today my friend and I got up and went to a coffee shop for some lattes before our 10:30am Yin Yoga class. This was our first time taking this type of yoga class, and I’m glad we did! It’s a class where all of the poses are done sitting or laying down, and it focuses on long, deep stretches and meditation. I was in desperate need of it after this past week.

I don’t want to dwell on the past, so I’ll keep it pretty short and simple. I worked almost 60 hours this past week, which included Saturday when I went to work in scrubs because one of the dental assistants called off due to the weather (when it didn’t even snow until after 10am). Thankfully I had a tattoo appointment yesterday after work and my friend came out to visit me and stay over so we could go to the yoga class today.

This upcoming week will be better than the last one, and I have more plans to look forward to next weekend. I’m going out with a friend Friday night and she’s staying overnight. I also have plans to hang with another friend on Sunday as well! I just have to stay busy and make sure I’m making time and doing thing that I enjoy.

I am exhausted and am most definitely not ready for work tomorrow, but again it’ll be better than last week. I’m going to relax with my boyfriend and my cats now. Goodnight. ♡

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