Short and sweet.

I wanted to take this time to say I plan to start writing weekly. I owe that to myself, and I hope that setting this small goal for myself will help me to stay motivated and want to write even more. I miss writing poetry, but I don’t miss the darkness that brought those creative moments. It seems that most of the poetry I write is depressing, which is why I haven’t written any in a while. I now am in a state of mind where I can feel and express positive emotions, and I feel this may be a challenge for me when it comes to writing poems. However, I am up for this challenge, and I hope to surprise myself.

This is not going to be that long of a post, as I want to go on a walk and go to the pool. I am in need of some vitamin D and fresh air, so I will be getting ready for my walk once I am done with this post. I’ve been so stressed with work lately that I’ve been clenching my jaw in my sleep, and even throughout the day without realizing it. I’m giving myself tension headaches, and I still throw up typically once a week before work thanks to my anxiety. I will say the vomiting has decreased drastically, and I am happy for that, but now I have to learn how to stop clenching my jaw. Although I feel that I am in a good state of mind when it comes too work/stress, my body is still physically affected by the anxiety.

It is challenging when it feels like the body and the mind aren’t communicating, but I know that with time I will have better control over the physical symptoms. It just takes time, and practice- whether it is breathing or mindfulness. I have no intention of giving up, as I know I can handle anything thrown my way. ♡

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