Change is always scary for me, but it is also kind of thrilling in a way. I feel that I am someone who gets comfortable and complacent, but at the same time there is a part in me that is always looking for something new. I’ve been at my current company for about 2.5 years. I’ve been in my current position here for just over a year, as I was promoted 15 months after I started, and soon I will be moving out of this department and will assume my new position as assistant office manager!

Of course this is exciting, as I will no longer have to be on the phones and there are many aspects of my current job that I will not miss, however I will be working in an entire new office with new people so it will be an adjustment. Not to mention that I’ll have a whole new job to learn! I think what makes me the most nervous is that the manager I will mainly be under has a reputation for not doing anything and throwing her work on others. Also, the more I’m here the less I’m actually liking the company as a whole. However, I also look at this as an opportunity to get a new job title on my resume, which can only help for the future.

I’m not sure just yet when I’ll be starting, but should be within a couple of months! We will see how it goes. ♡

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