It’s only 5:30pm and I am struggling to keep my eyes open. Today was a totally relaxing day, which was much needed. I spent most of the day with myself, just reading and writing and listening to podcasts. I honestly felt really good doing that mental work today, but I also feel that it contributed to this exhaustion.

I started a new book called Judgment Detox by Gabrielle Bernstein, and the purpose of this book is exactly as it sounds: to release judgment of yourself and others. It’s hard in a world where 80% of conversations are made up of gossip and we live in a society of people who post their lives on social media for all to see. I openly admit that I have judged others, just as pretty much everyone has, this this book has me deep diving into where I think each judgment comes from.

I am also sure I’m exhausted because I finally got my period after it being eight days late, and so my body is just begging me to rest and sleep all day. My boyfriend and I are going to eat some dinner and then I’m probably gonna go to bed shortly after that! I am ready for a positive week ahead!

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