Crabby Day

I am craaaaabbbbyyyy as fuccckkkk today. It happens and I’m human and I’m doing my best, but wow do I just want to go home and dance around and sing at the top of my lungs to realize some of this tension. I know what it’s stemming from for the most part, but I am trying to be more mindful and practice gratitude and not let this get to me… however I do need to release. It’s important that we feel our feelings and look into them, and then try to let go.

I know I am feeling angry because I feel like I cannot express my full thoughts and emotions due to the environment in which the problem is in. I honestly don’t even feel comfortable sharing here at this point, so I am going to talk myself through this later on, likely on my drive home from work today. For now I will just try to focus on the good things of today and remember that I have a good life!

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