Count Your Blessings

When I log into any social media, I’m bombarded with posts of people raging and angry. I can empathize with them, but also struggle to as I’ve been trying to focus only on what effects me. Yes, I am a woman, and no, I’d never want an abortion. The only time I’d want one is if that baby was going to kill me without one, and I’m still trying to research on if that is technically still going to be legal.

However, this does not mean I hate any of my friends who have had abortions or feel a way about anyone who has, because again, that’s not my life! I don’t know what’s best for anyone’s life, and I am not here to make those decisions; I am here to decide what is best for my life.

I am blessed that I was education on safe sex, and not just told about abstinence- I feel that public schools should do a better job at this, as well as parents. I know you don’t want to be telling your 11-13 year olds about sex, but unfortunately that’s when kids start having sex nowadays. I wasn’t that kid, but I knew those kids, and most of them had no idea how easy it was to get pregnant. We have to teach people based on the world we live in, not the world we want, and in this world children are having sex, and thus having children.

As far as rape/incest goes, based on statistics that is less than 1% of abortions, but I truly believe those should be legal. I also think people do need to realize that those only account for such a small number of abortions, but it likely wouldn’t change a closed mind anyways. If the baby or the mother is guaranteed death without one, they should be able to get one as well. Unfortunately though, I cannot control the law at this point, again I can only control myself.

It’s hard in a world of social media to be able to detach and look back within yourself, but I am working hard to do this. For me, I am lucky to not really be affected by this at this point in time. I am not wanting an abortion, therefore this is not affecting me. I cannot ruin my own mental health and work up my anxiety over this, because I am truly blessed at this point.

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