Well, it’s Thursday

I slacked at writing this past weekend, mainly because I was so damn busy. I feel like I won’t have a free moment for myself until August which is annoying, but in a way it is good for me. I am actually also in the process of coming off of my medication, as I wanted to do it this month so that I don’t have to go through that transition next month since I am so busy in July. So far I have noticed an increase in irritability, but I am also due to get my period soon so I’m sure it’s a combination of the two.

I finally made an Etsy shop and I mainly did that because I am planning to completely get off of Facebook and that is where I was selling most of the craft items I am making. I am trying to make positive changes while I am making this transition, and I also am trying to make more money since work has been slow lately and I haven’t been hitting my 40 hours. That should change soon, but I would like to really try to market my other skills.

Anyways, this was a super random post and I will 100% try to do better this upcoming Sunday!

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