The color grey.

I feel like the color grey. Dull. Nowhere near being bright or noticeable, yet also not completely dark.

I feel like a crisp winter day with nothing but gloomy skies; the sky still slightly bright outside as the sun hides behind the clouds.

I feel like the shadows on the walls that appear as a result of the dancing flames from the candlelight.

I feel like a lazy Sunday afternoon when you know you should be cleaning or baking, but you can’t seem to get out from under your warm, weighted blanket.

I feel like those days that feel harder than most. The days where nothing seems to go right, yet you still somehow survive and feel completely defeated.

I feel like that drive home after a long, tiring day. Having no desire to sing along to your favorite songs, and sinking in that overwhelming feeling of exhaustion pouring over you.

I feel like someone who hasn’t slept in days, yet has also slept 14+ hours straight. Unmotivated and out of it with a lethargic soul.

I feel many things, yet also nothing, all at the same time. I feel like the color grey.

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