Waking up.

October is almost here! My boyfriend and I celebrate eight years together on the 2nd, and we have a cruise planned later on in the month! I’m not going to lie, life has been pretty stressful lately, but just knowing I have this vacation to look forward to makes it all worth it.

This will be the third cruise we have gone on together, and I always feel like our relationship gets even stronger after each trip. I’m sure it’s because it’s just us (and his family at times) for a week and we don’t have to worry about work at all during that time. We can focus on each other and relax together.

After vacation we will get to celebrate halloween, and then my boyfriend’s 25th birthday! I have to keep thinking of all of the events I have to look forward to, so I can try to not fall into a winter depression. This winter I really want to stay active and make sure I do things outside of my house. I feel like one of the main reasons for seasonal affective disorder is the lack of sunlight, as well as the lack of energy we are exerting. I personally hate the cold, but I wouldn’t mind going and meeting someone at the rec center to swim, or at a bowling alley!

Once it gets cold and gloomy outside, I often find it hard to even get out of bed, which makes it nearly impossible for me to want to drive anywhere. I will probably have to start a morning routine, whether it be working out or stretching, or even just taking a quick walk around the neighborhood to try to stay motivated and energized.

A benefit I have this year is that this December my best friend is moving back home, which makes me very happy! I feel like this winter will be much better than last year, because we know we will have each other to hang out with and motivate one another to stay positive! I know we will each have days that will be harder than others, but we can push each other to keep moving forward. ♡

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