December ❆

This December my goal is to stay in the holiday spirit! I’m wanting to spread cheer and good energy, even when the world is being negative. I feel like people are so stressed around the holidays, when these are the times we need to enjoy.

My idea of holiday spirit starts in the home, with Christmas lights and decorations. We unfortunately do not have a tree, and that is because our cats will destroy it within five minutes of it being up. I do, however, hang Christmas lights up over the windows and usually some snow flake decor.

If simple things like Christmas candles and lights can make you smile, why not surround yourself with them! I also love the special holiday drinks that are available! My go-to drinks are the Chestnut Praline Latte from Starbucks and the Frosted White Chocolate Latte from Dunkin’. The only issue is they’re packed with sugar and calories, but that’s why I don’t treat myself to them every day (and luckily they’re only seasonal).

My boyfriend and I are throwing an ugly christmas sweater party this year and I’m honestly really looking forward to it. We’re going to have a hot chocolate bar and holiday themed snacks! I also want to make a holiday cranberry champagne thing I saw on Pinterest. I already have my list of food and items I need for the party, and then a separate list for gifts that I need.

My parents and I decided not to do gifts this year, which honestly I’m thrilled about. More money in my pocket!! (Lol kidding, more gifts for other people). My boyfriend and I also decided no gifts but we are just getting things for the house, which I love! I have a select few people I want to give gifts to and I am going to make individualized christmas gift baskets for each of them. Then I just have a couple babies to buy for and a four-year-old (aka the fun gifts!)

Making lists and planning ahead really keeps my anxiety down and I think this is going to help me make it through December with minimal winter blues. If anyone has any suggestions or wants to share their plans for this December, please do! ♡

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